Contact / How to buy


For anything regarding Admiralty Miniatures, please write an email to ofancienttimes ( at ) Alternatively you can send a message via Admiralty Miniatures Facebook page.

How to buy:

Find the miniatures you want in the blogshop

Contact Admiral via ofancienttimes ( at )

Please include the following in your email:
  • Name and address for shipping (and shipping cost calculation).
  • The kits (and number of them) you want to buy.
An estimated shipping price is mentioned, on some pages for the individual kits. If placing a larger order, we'll sort of the cheapest possible combined shipping for you.

Admiralty Miniatures are also on Etsy.

Shipment variants

Homebrew mail €3,5 is a budget variant; a letter made sturdy by girdles of transparent tape. Used for the smallest orders.

Freight mail is either the ordinary shipping letter for up to 2kg in Sweden, or a special larger homebrew equivalent, and costs  €6 for most orders.

Examples prices for mass shipment   World/EU          Sweden
1 Archer in homebrew mail:                 €2,5 / £2 / $2,5    7 kr
5-10 Archers in homebrew mail:          €6 / £5 / $6         26 kr
15 Archers in S freight mail:                 €6 / £5 / $6         35 kr
20-40 Archers in M freight mail:          €10 / £8,5 / $10   50 kr


Payment by PayPal or IBAN/BIC bank transfer. If you want to pay using an alternative method to these, please contact us at ofancienttimes ( at ) and we'll sort it out.

Response time
Please note, that this operation is run as part of our minaiture hobby. Thus responding to email enquiries is done between everything else in a grown up life. Please allow us a couple of days to respond to emails.